Tunit Power Pedal


The Power Pedal is derived from race track technology providing outstanding results. It alters the performance without a physical increase to BHP or torque. The dynamics of performance delivery is chosen using the dash mounted adjustment. The pedal performs well stand alone and can be used in conjunction with other performance products for greater improvement.

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• Dash Mounted Performance Control
• 5 Settings Eco to Sport Plus
• Improve or decrease acceleration
• Dual processor for smooth response and safety
• Fully compatible with other tuning products
• Easy to install or dealer install
• 2 Year Product Warranty

Superior Performance

The Power Pedal is the ideal add on to any existing performance device. Control the delivery of power from your fingertips.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Power Pedal has precise adjustment to meet your high performance or sedate driving needs. For even more flexibility access further sub settings.

Go Eco

The power Pedal can be set to Eco modes for economy or even locked in an eco mode when another driver is using the vehicle.


Les,BMW 330d

Still saving and performing well

Sefton,VW Crafter 2.0 TDi

I bought the Tunit Advantage 3 for my van and asked Michael to programme it for economy but even though it was set for economy the unit still has a dial of 9 yes 9 settings on it. My mileage is pretty consistent but I live in a hilly area and my van is pretty loaded so to get 26-30mpg or 320-400 miles per tank BUT if I go on a distance run down the motorway I’ll get close to 600 miles out of a tank!…it’s worth mentioning that I’ve got General Grabbers on the van as well