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Tim ,Skoda Fabia VRS 130


It's a great product, and apart from the extra power, there really is better fuel consumption. Something I didn't really believe before I fitted it!

The official figures for combined consumption are 5.3l/100kms (53.3MPG). With the tunit I am at around 4.7l/100kms (60.1MPG).

Best regards

Lee,Citro├źn C5 2.0 HDi

Hi Daniel, since the fitment of the Tunit V-CR unit to my new Citroen C5 I have noticed a marked increase in fuel economy, performance and refinement. At a steady motorway cruise the average consumption has improved from 40mpg to in excess of 50mpg. Performance has also increased and the added midrange torque makes overtaking swifter and safer. I am delighted with the result, especially as I fitted the Tunnit to enhance performance rather than economy. The added benefit of being able to transfer the tunit to another vehicle in the future is the icing on the cake.