The Tunit Advantage C-24 solution for trucks has provided fuel savings to individuals and fleets for the past 20 years. This calculator helps you to work out how much you could be saving with a Tunit on your rig.

How is fuel saved?

Enter Annual Mileage Enter Average Miles per Gallon Enter Average Fuel Cost (P/L)


To calculate how much a journey will actually cost in fuel, please provide the miles covered, the estimated MPG for your vehicle, and the price of your diesel in pence.
  • Toronto to Vancouver
  • Montreal to Winnipeg
  • Ottawa to New York
  • Vancouver to San Francisco
How many miles will you be travelling What is the average MPG of your vehicle? What is the cost of your fuel ((P/L))?

This journey would cost you:


With a Tunit installed:



How much fuel does the C-24 save?

Extensive trials are carried out on software for each truck and vehicle application. Economy improvements between 12% and 20%  are normally seen on most applications.

My loads are unusual or my journeys make economy worse?

Whatever the use of your truck(s) the C-24 can be bespoke tuned for your application to provide the best economy and performance. This is carried out by your local Tunit dealer when installing and can be improved further after a few journeys if more economy or performance is required.

Do I have to change the way I drive?

The Tunit C-24 provides torque in the most effective way to improve gear changing. You will instinctively drive smarter with the C-24 due to the extra torque. You do not have to alter the way you drive to improve economy.

I want more economy or more Power ?

If you wish more due to a change of use then this can be achieved safely at your local Tunit dealer. A bespoke tune is offered as part of the initial installation and again at any point down the line.