Tunit has been represented in Canada by Peter Friesen of Ontario since 2012. He began working with performance and economy tuning over a decade ago in 2010. Since then he has heavily invested in the ability to provide reliable performance/economy options to the Trucking industry and the heavy diesel market across Canada and into the United States.
Peter’s expertise combined with the Tunit solutions provide economy and safe performance gains to a high degree at a reasonable cost with most truck operators recovering the cost of  Tunit in their first quarter.

We introduced our first product in 1998 and ever since then we have been developing continually to improve and optimise our tuning solution. Tunits are tailored to fit around exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s increased performance, better driving experience or superior fuel economy.

We make tuning solutions for vehicles of all types, designed to improve performance above original specification but within the manufacturers safety limits. We make installation as simple as it needs to be and all of our products are transferable to your next vehicle.

We have over 10,000 vehicle applications and that number is always growing, so even if we haven’t fitted to your vehicle before we work tirelessly to make sure that Tunit is accessible to everyone.